Kyoto's village culture


Miyama fun marathon

Back to the middle of autumn, we had a fun marathon in Miyama.

It was really good day with beautiful blue sky.

There were lots of participants from kids to elders and some of them had been wearing a unique costume such as Mario, Pikachu from Pokemon etc…

Also, there were market stalls of food, local souvenir, and massage as well.  It is good to have a massage tent in this event.


It must be great to have massage after participant finish running which is like a heaven!!

I was helping one of food stall which is called Chinsenro and has Gibier ( wild dear meat) menu. I had a croquette and sandwich of dear, and it was the best sandwich I’ve ever had !

When they were running besides a rice field, old local woman was encouraging participant with waving her hands. It created warm environment and I liked it.

The runners looked be feeling good with running in beautiful nature and clear air.

It was nice autumn event in Miyama.