Kyoto's village culture


Ayu sweet fish season is coming soon!

In early summer, when the rice planting is over and color of mountains gradually change into deeper green, ayu sweet fish, or “queen of clear streams” arrive.

Ayu is river fish only lives in fast-flowing clear streams. As fishing of ayu is prohibited except during a specified period, anglers are awaiting for the official ayu fishing start date, which will be May 28 this year in Miyama.

From June, Miyama river will be filled with anglers whipping out their long rods and heading for the mountain streams.

Blessing from clear streams in the region, Miyama’s ayu sweet fish is well known for its tasty flavor, won prizes in nationwide ayu fish tasting event several times.

Why not come to try grilled ayu fish at sunken hearth at our inn?  Irori sunken hearth is available at Miyama F&B Main, Mitoya and Hhakujikkou.