Kyoto's village culture


Finding little winter

Today, I went for a little walking tour to find the corner of winter.

In the life at countryside of Japan, it is easy to go anywhere by car.  So, I didn’t get a opportunity to walk around recently.

Once we get off the car and start to walk  step by step, we can find many little changes of season.

Miyama has started to have this flower ‘sazanka’ Camellia a lot with beautiful smell.

The Gardens are looking totally different .

There are lots of big Daikon radish( Japanese Radish ) showing up from ground, Turnip , Chinese Cabbage, Carrot, and Spinach etc…

Almost all local Miyama people grow the vegetable which I really love. So, every time when I go to see them, they always give me some seasonable vegetable. I believe that being able to eat really fresh vegetable is such a gorgeous thing. I really appreciate that.

As I was walking the way which I always pass by car, I found two of  small stone monuments. I guess this represents a god in this area.


In Shinto religion, we see god in lots of nature. It was so beautiful small stone besides a road. I pray for peace.

Many leaves  has been falling down to the ground. It is a bit sad to see this scenery .However, then it creates a lot of nutrition for new season. Such an  amazing natural cycle. It looks like warm and nice fluffy bed.

There is still colored Maple leaves on the tree. It makes the view much colorful.

I saw many houses in Miyama have got a chimney and a wall of timber for winter.

I have a friend who make a hot tub with wood fire.So, sometime I get a chance to soak in that hot tab.

Then,  I found that the hot water heated by wood fire makes our body warmer from the core than the  hot water by gas.

Also, wood burning stove creates warm energy not only by  practically but also by visually.

I felt lots of little winter by walking around in Miyama today.

Come and feel nature in here Miyama.