Kyoto's village culture


Exploring with MIYAMOBI

What is MIYAMOBI??? MIYAMOBI is a rental service of an ultra small sized mobility for tourists who visit Miyama.

The tourist can make a reservation through the official website of the Kyoto Tamba Kogen Quasi-National Park Visitor Center in advance and rent it for your tour in Miyama.

It is good to have a rental car service especially for the people who love to visit spots at their own pace.

I had a chance to get on Miyamobi and explore with it at one sunny morning in early autumn.

At first, I had never drive an electric generated small mobility vehicle like this, so it was interesting experience to drive it. Its small, quiet , and easy to drive except indicator which place on the other side for Japanese people!

In order to feel the fresh breeze of Miyama, it doesn’t have a window in sunny day.  So, I had got the feeling as same as driving motorcycle or bicycle.I could feel the beautiful scent of seasonal flowers and the view without window gave me a dynamic impression of nature.

They rent us the tablet which has navigation system and information of Miyama’s sightseeing spots.So, It was easy to decide where to go and we didn’t  have any worries to be lost on journey!

We drove the narrow street which we usually don’t choose when we drive a car. Therefore, we had  a exciting feeling of adventure.

We visited to 2 Japanese Sake factories, one is offering a tasting for passenger, one is making organic Sake which made with special type of rice in Miyama, Rose farm which bring us to feel elegant, The big waterfall with emerald  green water… I will write about those in the other article sometime soon.

Anyhow, that was very fun day with Miyamobi and we enjoyed a lot.

I highly recommend to explore with Miyamobi when you come to Miyama!!