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Kyoto's village culture

Miyama: Kyoto’s village culture

For centuries, Miyama has provided a peaceful mountain retreat from the nearby city of Kyoto. The Miyama region is well known within Japan for its traditional village atmosphere, with many small hamlets nestled between steep forested mountains.
The pace of life is slow in this warm and friendly rural community, located just 50 kilometres north of Kyoto City. A few days spent in the relaxing surroundings of Miyama is the perfect antidote to Japan’s fast-paced, overcrowded city-scapes.

Getting Here

Located in the center of Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto Miyama Town, where the ancient Japanese Satoyama culture still remains.

  • Kyoto 1hr
  • Osaka 3hrs
  • Kobe 2hrs
  • Himeji 4hrs

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