Kyoto's village culture



MIYAMA’S  trees are beginning to go autumn red, yellow and orange.

We have a beautiful sunny days recently and  the bracing air of autumn gives us a fresh energy.

Many scene with nature in Miyama are so beautiful and remind us a good connection with this earth.

Miyama, written 美山 in Japanese, means ‘beautiful mountains’.

This place still has an amazing view which suits with the name especially in Autumn.

Today,  I had been visiting to my favorite thatched house which is called as Hotaruan. Then, I met a guy who was also exploring the house at the same time.

In the conversation, he told me an interesting point of view about Miyama, and it totally made sense.

He said,

「We love to feel a connection all the time. We don’t wanna feel lonely. Many people say that 3 main desires of human  are food, sex and sleep. But, I think that to feel “We are not alone” is the biggest desire which human is craving. How can we get it?  Feel strong connection with Nature is the best way for not to feel loneliness. Miyama has a lots of elements which help us to remember the strong connection with Nature.”

In a busy business city life, we easily forget the connection with nature.

However, by coming back to the country side and stay in the nature, we can remember our nature.

That’s why we see a beauty in the nature.

That’s why  Miyama is so attractive place.

Nature is always staying with us. Its big Mother Earth. And the Mother Earth is giving us a big Love all the time.

I felt a great connection with nature today and it gave me so much power.

It was an amazing afternoon with colorful Autumn leaves.

Come to Miyama and feel a great connection with Nature in your trip.

We always wait for you with a beautiful mountain. ‘Miyama 美山”.