Kyoto's village culture


The Life in Miyama

I grew up at a little bit country side of Japan but not like Miyama.

Miyama is much closer with nature.

I have been traveling to many countries for over 10years. Then, I start to realize that Japan has a unique traditional culture. We can see the culture in Life a lot especially at country side.

Miyama is one of the amazing place to see it.

Recently, we can get almost everything even its in country side. There is good transportation for life supplies.

However, back in the day, of course people have to make everything from scratch especially in the place hidden by mountains like Miyama.

In Miyama, there is no convenience store and big super market still. I think that’s why there is still have a culture in their life which is also great for preserving the Japanese tradition.

Almost all people in this area grow vegetables. So, when I go to see my elder friends, they always give me so fresh vegetables.

Sometime, I make a dish and return the vegetable to them.

I really like this exchange system. it creates a good connection between people in community. And I know the person who grow this vegetable then I can appreciate more and more to eat those.

I could feel love.

Oneday, I had a Konnyaku made from scratch. Konnyaku is one of interesting food made by Konnyaku potato. It needs lots of process to be able to eat as food. So, not many people can make it and it is easy to buy from supermarket. However, I was so surprised when I eat his fresh Konnyaku. I’ve never have the delicious one in my life!! I was thinking how much it took, how much effort he used for..

I could feel lots of Love!

There is another example, I’m working 4 differnt kind of hotel in Miyama. And almost all place is running by family. Yesterday, they were making Mochi which for a new year celebration.

I remember when I was a kids, my grandma used to make mochi before new year. However, my grandma past away, we start to buy it.

In that Ryokan(Japanese hotel), Grandmother and mother was making Mochi together by local sticky rice  and grandchildren were helping them to make a round shape. the kids said 「I made that last year too, so, I remember to do it!」

I felt that the important information is passing from old generation to new generation. I could see like this thing in many situation when I work in those family business. And also I can feel so much love too.

The kids was playing old Japanese game taught by grandfather.


Its just a part of their life. They make so many things more than buy. When you come here, you will see so many knowledge to live with nature and lots warm energy created by hands. And Love.

Wherever I go, I see lots of chatting on the road, exchanges, smiling, caring each other.

It seems to be a big family.

Sometime, the monkey eats all of my dried persimmons made with lots of efforts…

But there is so clear water from mountain.

And beautiful human being.

That’s why I love here.