Miyama Futon and Breakfast thatched cottages Itinerary

Thatch is an art form, a living expression of ancient Japanese culture. At Miyama thatched cottages Futon and Breakfast, you can experience what it’s like to live in a thatched farmhouse.
Each cottage is rented exclusively by one group per day, so you’ll have the entire cottage to yourself. Mr Haruo Nishio, one of a handful of remaining Japanese thatchers, maintains and owns the cottages.
He invites you to feel and experience the ancient cultural heritage that is thatch.

Our recommendations to get the most out of your stay in our thatched cottages

Slow down and allow your senses to tune into nature.
Unlike modern houses, thatched farmhouses are designed to allow the air to flow through them, creating a cool and comfortable space even in the heat of the Japanese summer.
The thatch absorbs the sound of falling rain, creating a silent serenity.
The cottages are equipped with modern kitchens, so you can cook for yourself or choose from one of the dinner options.
Make yourself at home and unwind in the beauty of the cottages and the surrounding nature.

Have a meal and a drink around the Irori which is a hearth where you can burn charcoal inside the farmhouse.
In summer, have a paddle or a swim in the nearby river to keep cool.
Cycling, firefly-watching and star-gazing are among the many things to do during your stay.

Find your own unique ways to explore and enjoy around the farmhouses and let us know what you discover.

A guide to enjoying each of our three cottages

  • Miyama Futon and Breakfast

    This is our largest cottage and there is plenty of room for three generations to stay together in this spacious cottage with numerous sleeping areas. Summer is beer and barbecue time, while in winter guests gather around the hearth and eat Nabe which is a type of hot pot.
    Go for an early morning walk while the mountains are steeped in mist, then check the chicken coop to see if any fresh eggs have been laid. You can have our staff prepare you a cooked breakfast and there are a variety of dinner options available.
    Cycling around the back streets of Miyama is sure to be an adventure, and relaxing in the loft space under the thatch is a great spot to daydream. Come up with your own original ideas to enjoy this enchanting farmhouse space.

  • KAYAVilla

    A modern take on the traditional thatched house, the cottage is encompassed with magnificent views and the sound of birds singing. The night sky is stunning thanks to the lack of light pollution and a telescope is provided. The cedar wood bathtub has a fragrance that is said to relax the body and mind, and the terrace is perfect for an outdoor lunch or reading a book in blissful silence. The grass lawn is a great spot for some morning Yoga or for kids to run around and play. Time goes by slowly in this thatched cottage hidden away in quiet natural surroundings.

  • Mitoya

    A beautiful example of a traditional thatched farmhouse, the thatch absorbs sunlight and subtly changes its hues throughout the day - try taking a picture from the grass in front of the house at morning, midday and sunset. Soak up the early morning sun in the Engawa which is a kind of Japanese sun room. We recommend a cycle ride up the valley behind the house or a walk along the river, both have plenty of nature and great views. We work with several caterers who will bring your evening meal right to the cottage and even set it up in the Japanese hearth for you. Mitoya is an ideal cottage for those who want a traditional Japanese feel and plenty of nature (Note the evening meal service is an extra option and must be reserved in advance).

Day 01

Arrive at the check-in centre by 3pm so you can get set up in your cottage by 3:30pm and talk a walk around the surrounding area.All three cottages have nice surroundings and are well worth a stroll.
For dinner try the Kigusuriya hot pot (Nabe) on the Japanese hearth (6400 Yen), which is delivered to you in your cottage.
Get a warming bath ready before bed and then finish the day with a relaxing soak to get nice and warm before sleeping.

Day 02

Next morning after breakfast, take the cycling tour which lasts around three hours and will allow you to see some hidden beauty spots and understand more of Miyama’s village culture.
For lunch take the Japanese-style bento which will be delivered to your cottage (3200 Yen per person).After lunch, why not relax and read a book under the thatched roof?
For your evening meal on the second night, the Japanese cooking experience
(4000 Yen per person) is a fun activity in which you get to eat some lovely home-cooked food. Local housewives will cook you some everyday meals and give you a chance to try your hand at Japanese cooking.

After dinner, if you go for a stroll you can hear the seasonal sounds of nature and enjoy the night sky if it’s clear.