Kyoto's village culture


Now spring is in full flow and although in Kyoto City the cherry blossom comes in early April, it’s often mid-April by the time it arrives in Miyama. This is because of the lower temperatures in the mountains.
Picnicking and riding a bicycle is the best way to enjoy the cherry blossom here in Miyama, and we recommend the bicycle tours.
More edible plants like horsetails (Tsukushi) appear and the locals are often out picking them in the mornings.
The preparations for the rice-planting season are also in full swing and it’s a busy time for the farmers of Miyama.
Towards the end of April, the frogs begin to awaken from their winter slumber and can be heard croaking here and there.

The average temperature is 11 centigrade with a high of 18 and a low of 5.