Kyoto's village culture


The temperature falls further, prompting the trees to start absorbing the nutrients back from their leaves, which causes the autumn colours to appear. This is a gradual process, and in Miyama whole areas of deciduous mountain forest change from green, through a series of brown and rust colours with some more distinctive red and yellow here and there. The colours tend to arrive here sooner than in the city of Kyoto where it’s a little warmer. Orange persimmon trees ripen in abundance and their sweet fruits (Kaki) are a treat; they also attract the attention of the local bears, who climb the trees at night to feast on the fruit. You have nothing to fear from the local Asian black bears, as they are timid vegetarians who like to stay away from people as best they can – having said that, don’t wander off in the mountains without a guide!

The average temperature is 9 centigrade with a high of 15 and a low of 5.