Kyoto's village culture


The rainy season gives way to summer, and in Japan that means it’s hot and humid with big billowing clouds in magnificent blue skies. It’s often above 30 degrees centigrade and very humid. It is a beautiful time of year though and summer in Miyama is much cooler than the big cities. This is the time of year for swimming in the river (there are designated swimming spots; please consult with a local guide before you swim) and taking it slow during the middle of the day when it’s hot.
The cicada start their cacophony of space invader-like noises and clicks and this can be heard night and day.
Saba zushi (mackerel sushi) is in season and it is a speciality of the Miyama region since it lies on the ancient route between Fukui, where the mackerel is caught, and Kyoto where it was taken to be sold.

The average temperature is 24 centigrade with a high of 30 and a low of 20.