Miyama’s thatched village (Kayabuki no sato)

In Miyama’s thatched village you can step back in time and taste the rural Japan of old. Almost the entire village still has thatched roofs and the residents still tend to their gardens and vegetable plots; it’s a quaint and beautiful village nestled in a steep-sided valley of the Yura River. We don’t recommend you come here during the middle of the day as it’s often busy with tourists on a day trip from Kyoto. If you want to get the authentic village atmosphere, come for an early morning walk (finishing before 10am) or an afternoon stroll (after 3pm).


  • Miyama Folk Museum

    Almost all thatched houses are residential house. So, you are not be able to see inside because of their private. However, you can see the inside of thatched roof house in this museum. This museum is originally built in 19 century. You can look the old Japanese style of sustainable living in this museum such as tolls for rice or vegetable garden and old style fire bath, basket for baby, ingredients of thatched roof and so on. You can also have a Japanese medicinal herb tea here.

    Entry Fee ; 300
    Business Hours; 9:00 to 17:00 (April to November)
    10:00 to 16:00 (December to March)

  • Chii Hachiman Shrine

    This Shrine is the main Shrine in this Chii area built in 17century. The main shrine is designated as the Kyoto Prefectural Cultural Property. You can see an amazing caving in this building. The festival is held on October. It is nice to say hello to the god which protects in this land.

  • Kibi Koubou( Millet Factory)

    Back in a days, japanse people eats a lot of grain. Millet is one of the grain which is use to be eaten around this area. At Kibi koubou, you can buy japanese millet sweets made by local people. Usually they make 3 colored of Dango(Rice cake) with millet and japanese herb almost everyday. And at weekend you might be able to see different kind of sweets such as bean paste buns, Kibi habutae (soft rice cake with soy powder), soft ice cream(avarable in summer). It might not open sometime (because the staff is local mothers who are busy with vegetable gardens!). However, it worth to check this place and get local sweets of this area.


Basic Information

Activity/Tour Name
Miyama’s thatched village (Kayabuki no sato)
Time Required
1~2 hours
Entry fee; Miyama Folklore Museum 300yen, Little Indigo museum 300yen
Accepted Payment Methods
Kita Miyama-cho Nantan-City Kyoto 601-0172
3 restaurants for lunch and 3 cafes for your snack.( opens only daytime )