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Miyama waterfall tour

Enjoy a nice hike in Miyama mountains and discover the hidden waterfalls. Walking through a trail that doesn’t require any specific outfit or shoes, you can breath pure air and even see some Miyama wildlife if you are lucky (monkeyes, deers…).

When it is hot enough you can even bath your feet in the river or meditate at the bottom of the waterfall like a zen monk !

Everyone can take part to this activity, from children to senior people, let’s enjoy Miyama great Nature !


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Please contact them via the following link

Kyoto Miyama Tourism Association Waterfall Trekking Tour

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Kyoto Miyama Tourism Association
TEL 0771-75-9030(closed Wed.)/ 0771-75-1906


Guide : Michel KAISER

Hello everyone, I am Michel, a french guy who likes nature, simple life, and organic food ! I came to Miyama in 2018 and started organic farming because I think that if you want to make things change, you first have to change yourself.

In my fields and greenhouses I only use organic fertilizers :
- Rice husk ash, which I make myself
- Okara (soy pulp), which a get from the local tofe makers

I don't use any chemicals to prevent desease or pest only :
- Wood vinegar
- EM (Effective Micro-organism) which I also "grow" myself from molasse

Miyama is surrounded by moutntains, that's why we have a very good and clean water, it makes the rice and vegetables taste great.

I want everyone to eat tasty and healthy fryits and vegetables. Eating organic food is a simple start to change yourself, preserve the environment and support local community and small farmers.

I would be happy if you want to come to my field, see by yourself and having a little chat!

Thank you !