Kyoto's village culture


Miyama no Megumi Milk Studio

You can buy the delicious Miyama milk products here. The Miyama Milk is produced from well cared cows which grow in this clean water and air and quiet environment by three dairy farmers. The cows make a really sweet milk that may be the magic for those products.
This shop sells soft ice cream which we can taste a simple milk flavor and also around 10 different flavors of gelato. Depending on the season. they arrange seasonal and limited time gelato using fresh ingredients that from Miyama farmers.
In addition, there is a few kinds of cheese and sweet products such as a cream puff and 2 different kind of pudding made from Miyama milk. Please enjoy Miyama milk products here.

Basic Information

Activity/Tour Name
Miyama no Megumi Milk Studio
Gelato (single)310yen~, Cheese 495yen~
Complimentary Transportation
Access: 3 minutes walk from "Agake" bus stop.
Business Hours
Tuesday (from January to March)
23 Agake shimo Miyama-cho Nantan-city Kyōto 601-0722
3 restaurants for lunch and 3 cafes for your snack.( opens only daytime )