Kyoto's village culture


Autumn is comming


Hi, everyone.

We will start to introduce this attractive place and give you some interesting information about Miyama. We hope you enjoy it and that it will be good advice for your trip.

Nowadays, Autumn is coming to Miyama.So nature is changing the atmosphere little by little.Wherever we go,we can see the harvested rice on shelves drying in the sun. The view is so beautiful and nostalgic. It represents the abundant harvest in the village.  This view is becoming rare in Japan, so it is nice to see it at the moment. Breeze brings the sweet smell of flowers which blossom only during this season. There are plenty of persimmons on the tree , chestnuts as well.

Miyama is surrounded by nature,therefore we can experience the seasons easily, which is something I appreciate a lot. Please come and experience Japanese rural village life together here .