Kyoto's village culture



All of the rooms overlook the Miyama river and each rooms has its own beautiful view.


This Japanese-style hotel or ryokan is situated in the Chii region of Miyama, a 20-minute walk from the thatched village (Kayabuki no Sato). Family owned and run, Chinsenro's motto is ‘service from the heart’.

Staying at Chinsenro Ryokan offers a truly unique experience of Japanese hospitality and while they do not speak much English, their sincerity and care goes beyond the limitations of language.
The ryokan itself is decorated in beautiful minimalist Japanese style, whilst maintaining a warm cosy atmosphere.

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  • All rooms are traditional Japanese style with en-suite washroom and balcony.

  • All rooms overlook the adjacent forest and small stream.

  • Outdoor bath overlooks stream and forest. Take a night bath under the stars.

  • Japanese dishes and multi-course meals made with local ingredients.

Ryokan information
Check-in 15:00~
Check-out ~10:00
Hotel Restaurant Ryokan Miyama 601-0713 Kyoto Prefecture, Nantan, Miyamachonaka, Kamimae−26
Room types
Western style room(0)  Japanese style room(4)  Western/Japanese style room(0)  Total(4)
Room feautres
Each guest room has an en-suite washroom and a balcony that overlooks the adjacent forest and a small tributary stream. The décor is traditional Japanese, futons on rice straw mats. The sound of gently flowing water outside will lull you to sleep at night and chirping birds will greet you in the morning.
Meals served in guest room
Breakfast:No  Dinner:No
Private/Reserved dining in hall
Breakfast:Yes  Dinner:Yes
Hot spring
Hot spring:Yes  Family(private) bath:No  Open air(outdoor bath):Yes  Open air(outdoor bath) in guest room:No
Baths explanation
With both indoor and outdoor tubs, you definitely want to take advantage of the beautiful bathing area. The water is taken from the clear mountain stream and heated up; full of minerals, the water is said to be good for arthritis, muscle and nerve pains. The outdoor bath is a real treat and you can often hear birds singing as you bathe.
It is customary in Japan to have a bath when you arrive, to refresh after your journey. Japanese people often have another bath just before going to bed as being warm and relaxed can help you fall asleep more quickly.
The Japanese love bathing so much that they often have another in the morning before departing.

Bath hours: 4pm to 10pm and 6:30am to 9:00am.

For anyone who is not comfortable with the communal bathing area (the baths are separated into male and female areas), you can reserve a private bathing time for just you and your family from 3pm to 3:50. This is the only time slot that is not open to the other guests, and if you would like to reserve it you must do so in advance (fee for private bath is 2000 Yen).
YSmall towel NBody wash
NHair dryer NBidet
YToothbrush,Toothpaste YSoap
NDown comforter YHair brush,Comb
YLarge towel YYukata
YShaver YShampoo(Shampoo/Conditioner)
YShower cap YConditioner
*Y=Yes N=No
Other Amenities
Open air(outdoor bath),Guest parking,Vending machine
Facility information
Access by train and bus:
First take the train to Sonobe JR from Kyoto JR which takes 46 minutes (or 30 by express).
Next you must change trains at Sonobe and take the train to Hiyoshi JR station which is 10 minutes from Sonobe JR.
Then take the bus service from Hiyoshi JR train station that stops two minutes’ walk from Chinsenro at Chimiguchi – many people choose this option, but be sure to confirm the bus times as there are only a few per day.

Bus Schedule Monday to Saturday
Leave Hiyoshi JR → Arrive at Chimiguchi (Chinsenro)
8:16 →9:04
9:05 →9:57
11:00 →11:52
13:44 →14:32
16:00 →16:52
Bus Schedule Sundays
Leave Hiyoshi JR →Arrive at Chimiguchi (Chinsenro)
9:05 →9:53
11:00 →11:54
15:00 →15:49
18:00 →18:48

By car
Many customers choose to rent a car, as the roads here in Miyama are largely free of traffic and quite easy to drive on. This also gives you the freedom to move around the area at will.
You can drive straight to Chinsenro if you have a rental car and a navigation device, using the address:

Miyama-cho, naka, Nantan, Kyoto Prefecture 601-0713
Chinsenro is located about 60 kilometres from Kyoto station.
By car it takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes.
Credit cards accepts