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Wasabi Fesrival

Every spring in the mountain village of Ashiu, a wasabi festival is held at the Kumano kongen shrine. In this region many people used to make a living by hunting bears for parts of the bears bodies were highly prized in ancient medicine. Those hunting bears would not eat any wasabi from the start of the new year until the 10th of April when the hunting season would end. This festival ends the “wasabi fast” and people of the village eat wasabi and give thanks for the success and safety of those returning from the forrest to hunt bears (no bears are hunted these days). In front of the shrine various wasabi pickles are placed and the priest and villagers also partake in the wasabi pickles.

Basic Information

Activity/Tour Name
Wasabi Fesrival
Operating Season/Dates
10th of April
Ashiu Miyama-cho Nantan-city Kyoto