Kyoto's village culture


Matsuage festival

This festival has its roots in the fire worship of the Atago faith. It is held annually from 8pm to 9pm on the 24th of August, to pray for the safety of the village and specifically to keep away mountain fires. Torches made from pine trees are lit on fire and then knocked over. If you are staying in Miyama at this time and would like to attend the festival, please ask at your lodgings for details.

Every year in Miyama the Matsuage festival takes place at several locations.
In the Tsurugaoka region near the shop Tanasen.
There is also a dance (O-odori) held here at the same time as the Matsuage festival each year.

Another Matsuage festival takes place in the Tsurugaoka region called Morisato which is a little closer to Obama further north than the festival at Tanasen.

Also in the Chii region in the village of Ashiu (this is deep in the mountains so please allow plenty of time to get there and bring a flashlight).

Basic Information

Activity/Tour Name
Matsuage festival
Operating Season/Dates
24th of August 20:00
Time Required
1~2 hours
few places in Miyama