Kyoto's village culture


Karasu Dengaku

With a 600-year history, this musical performance is very rare even within Japan and uses ancient instruments that few people still know how to play. It takes place on the second Monday of October every year, which is a national holiday. Crows (Karasu in Japanese) have long been considered deities in Japan and they are said to protect people travelling or working in the mountains. Through this musical performance the villagers ask the sacred crows to watch over them and protect them, so that they may return safely when they are going to the mountains.



Basic Information

Activity/Tour Name
Karasu Dengaku
Operating Season/Dates
Second Monday of October
Kawakami Shrine (a part of Ohara Shrine) 107 Oharano Kashiwara Miyama-cho Nantan-city Kyoto 601-0713